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3D Facial Norms Database | FaceBase

3D Facial Norms Database

The 3D Facial Norms Database is a web-based resource designed to provide the research and clinical community with access to high-quality craniofacial anthropometric normative data. Unlike traditional normative datasets that use handheld calipers and tape measurers, the anthropometric data provided here are based on digital stereophotogrammetry, a method of 3D surface imaging ideally suited for capturing human facial surface morphology. Also unlike more traditional normative craniofacial resources, the 3D Facial Norms Database allows users to interact with data via an intuitive graphical interface and - given proper credentials - gain access to individual-level data, allowing users to perform their own analyses. If you require additional information, please contact the Principal Investigator, Seth M. Weinberg, PhD Email

3D Database Search

Explore the 3D Norms Database through a customizable search interface. This is the main portal for querying and downloading individual-level phenotype and genotype data based on user-defined parameters. Phenotypic data include 3D facial landmark coordinates, anthropometric facial measurements, demographic descriptors, and 3D facial surface models.

Summary Statistics

View normative age- and sex-based averages for selected craniofacial measurements and 3D facial surface models.


A collection of practical web applications for the clinical and research community.

Technical Notes

Detailed background information on all aspects of the 3D Facial Norms Project.

Abstract Page

Project page and abstract.